Thursday, September 14, 2006

Slowly Making Progress

Despite knitting at every opportunity, I'm not making much progress on anything. I'm nearly finished with the leg of my Mystery sock (take 2).

I also got started on my second Can't Elope sock, but haven't gotten that far yet.

And I'm still working on the baby afghan. I have less than 20 squares to make and then I'll have to sew them all together. I haven't started on the second Pink Lemonade sock yet.

My oldest son is playing football this year (he's a Freshman in high school). His games are on Thursday nights, so I'm losing a whole night of knitting until mid-November. Normally, I would take my knitting along, but since my other 2 kids attend the games, I need to keep an eye on them. Tonight's game was cancelled because of rain, so I will be able to stay home, watch Survivor and knit socks. YAY!

This weekend, I am participating in a 5K walk/run (mostly walk for me). It is held to help raise funds for a memorial scholarship fund. My company participates every year. This will be my second year doing it. Hopefully the rain will go away before then.


KSD said...

Hi from a fellow Mystery Sock Kal-er. I really like the yarn for the Can't Elope sock --- can you tell me what it is?

Anonymous said...

Nice socks - I especially love the green ones. I am your secret pal for the tea swap - you should be super easy to buy yarn for - I love socks too!