Tuesday, October 31, 2006


As this year's month long celebration of socks comes to an end, I thought I'd post about my October sock progress. I didn't set any goals for myself, but I always expect to get more done than I actually do.

I finished 2 pair of socks this month.
Both of these were knit-along socks. The pink ones were for the Hop Along and the green ones were my Mystery socks.

I also started 3 pair of socks this month.
My first pair of Socks That Rock socks, another knit-along sock, and a pair of Opal socks.

The spirit of Socktoberfest will continue for me even after October ends. I am a sock knitting addict with lots of stash (and plans to buy more at Stitches East this weekend).


Dipsy D. said...

I really love your socks, all of them - the colorlines you're using are so pretty! Sock-knitting is highly addictive, isn't it?

Elizabeth said...

What great socks! It really was Socktoberfest. I'm visiting from the L&V KAL - I love the striping on the heel. I was going to finish my Snakes on a Sock socks before starting the L&V ones, but now don't think I'll be able to wait.