Monday, July 10, 2006

Susquehanna State Park Visit

My husband and I took the kids to Susquehanna State Park yesterday. Susquehanna State Park is in Havre de Grace, Maryland. We had a great time with very little whining by the kids.

Our first stop at the park was the Rock Run Mill. We looked around in the building and then went around back to see the Susquehanna River.

Then we headed for an easy trail that the kids could handle. Only a short way into the trail, we came to an old Flint Furnace.

We countined past the furnace to Deer Creek.

The kids enjoyed walking on the rocks and more importantly throwing rocks in the water. We even had a few locals visit.
A frog sunning himself
And a snake that was resting under a rock. After my husband stepped on the rock, the snake decided to go for a swim.

Check out this cool waterfall we saw too.

After we threw some rocks, we headed back for the main trail. We only walked on the trail for about three quarters of a mile before we headed back (this was when the whining started).

Before we left the trail, we stopped off at Deer Creek again. This time the kids enjoyed splashing in the water. Our frog and snake friends had gone away to hide.

My Trekking 23 socks came along but with 2 kids there was no time for knitting. Here's sock #1.

On our way out of the park, we did a quick loop through the boat launch parking lot for some more pics of the river.
The view down the river

and here's one looking up the river

The kids are already asking to go back.


Nannette said...

Thanks for sharing your trek! It bought back some memories. I grew up on the DE/MD/PA border. Moved away and came back to live in Elkton for a few years. Was nice revisiting the "old stomping grounds" THANKS!

margene said...

What a great place. No wonder you did little knitting. The sock is looking good, however;-)