Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Where have all the socks gone?

I've been in kind of a sock rut lately. I used to be a sock knitter...a hard-core sock knitter. I always had at least one pair (but usually two) on the needles at all times. All of my free time was spent knitting socks. I didn't suffer from second sock syndrome (a.k.a. SSS). I had my sock plans laid out several pair in advance. I don't know how it happened, but the sock mojo vanished.

I think it all started with this pair. I liked working with the yarn, but I didn't really like how they turned out. Way too busy for the pattern.

Then I started working with the April Socks That Rock Sock Club yarn. Yep, the Silkie Socks That Rock. I love the colors and its very soft, but the yarn is splitty and I don't like working with splitty yarn.
Wild Tide in progress
That's the Retro Rib pattern from 25 Favorite Socks.

In an attempt to woo my sock mojo back, I decided to temporarily abandon the Silkie Socks That Rock and work on something that I thought would knit up pretty quickly. So, I pulled out all my medium weight Socks That Rock. I lined them all up and picked the color that I thought would be the most fun to work with. (As a side note, I was kind of shocked to see that a lot of my Socks That Rock colors are similar.) I decided on Seal Rock and picked the Thuja pattern from Knitty. In theory, this should have been a really quick knit, size 2 needles, thicker than usual yarn, a pattern with only a 2 row repeat. It took me a little over 3 weeks to finish the pair.

Seal Rock Socks
Pattern - Thuja
Yarn - Socks That Rock mediumweight in Seal Rock
Needles & Gauge - Size 2 DPNs, 7 st/in

I don't think my sock mojo has completely returned yet, but I do think it's lurking around the corner. I've got yarn picked out for my next pair or two (although since the June shipment of the Rockin' Sock Club arrived today, I may be rethinking those plans a little). And looking around on Ravelry has inspired me to get back to socks.


PurlingPirate said...

Sock mojo or not, those look great!