Monday, July 02, 2007

An Update

Yes, blogging continues to be sporadic. The dishcloth craze has subsided. The sock mojo has returned. And spinning continues.

I have two pair of socks on the needles at the moment.

Handspun Sunkissed Socks
Handspun Sock
These are being worked in my very own handspun (roving from Funky Carolina). I'm very happy with how this first sock has turned out. The second sock is on the needles and is almost half way done. I'm hoping to have this pair completed by the weekend.

J Knits Waving Lace Socks
Waving Lace Sock
This is my first time using J Knits yarn. Its not as soft as some other yarns I have used, but I'm confident it will soften after washing. Its not splitty and has been easy to work with. I like how these are turning out, except for the cuff. I followed the pattern for the ribbed cuff, instead of doing what I usually do and knit the cuff with a 2x2 rib. I'm not really a fan of the 1x1 rib.

Spinning updates and pics to come in a future post.


Allison said...

Ooh, Shannan, I really like the color you used for your Waving Lace socks- I might just have to try my next pair with a variegated color like you used.