Saturday, July 15, 2006

And Before I Go

This time tomorrow I'll be on the road. Our vacation destination awaits us. Here's a quick sock update.

Trekking #23 - sock 1 is done, sock 2 is on the home stretch (foot and toe to go)

Trekking #135 - sock 1 is on the home stretch, but this one is slower going because I'm using a stitch pattern and I don't want to mess it up.

I will be bringing my socks on vacation, but I don't really anticipate getting much (if any) knitting time. I will be visiting a yarn shop.

In other fiber news, I finally ordered and received a swift. I wound up a skein of Lisa Souza yarn, which will be my next pair of socks for me. I promised the kids I'd knit them each a pair, so those are going to be up next.

I also signed up to take a spinning class at Cloverhill Yarn Shop. Seeing all the lovely handspun yarns on various blogs makes me want to give spinning a try. The class isn't until late August.

I've got to finish laundry today and get everything packed. I hope I can squeeze in some knitting time.