Sunday, December 31, 2006

Socks...the Year in Review

2006 was my first full year of sock knitting. I can easily say I am addicted to knitting socks. I completed 20 pair of socks this year. 17 of those were adult size for me, 2 pair were for my youngest 2 boys and 1 pair was an infant size. The majority of these socks were knit in stockinette, but a few were knit using stitch patterns. Some of the patterns I used this past year were, 2x2 rib, 3x1 rib, Melanie's Twist Stitch, Leaves of Grass, Waffle Rib and Garter Rib (both from Sensational Knitted Socks).

I only have one pair of socks on the needles going into the new year and I just started it today.

Lisa Souza, Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon colorway

I have lots of socks planned for 2007. I plan to start the new year off by making more socks for my kids. I also plan to use more stitch patterns this year. And I will definitely be making Monkey early in the year.

Scaponia Socks

Another finished pair and the last for 2006!

Pattern - my usual top down with Eye of Partridge heel flap and kitchenered toes
Yarn - Socks That Rock, Scaponia in mediumweight
Needles & Gauge - Size 2 DPNs, 7 st/in

Friday, December 29, 2006

More Finished Socks

I finished another pair of socks Tuesday.

Pattern - my usual top down with Eye of Partridge heel flap and kitchenered toes
Yarn - OnLine Winter Color #887, 6-ply
Needles & Gauge - Size 2 DPNs, 7 st/in

My Lisa Souza order, containing Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon yarn arrived last week. I will be winding it for use very soon. It is next up to jump on the needles. I'm going to try to stay focused and finish the STR Scaponia socks first.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Surprise! It's not socks!!

I have an almost finished object to share and it's not socks! I borrowed the book, 'knit', by Janine Flew from the library almost 3 weeks ago. I immediately fell in love with one of the patterns for a bag made with Noro's Silk Garden. After 2 weeks of deliberation, I went to my LYS on Friday after work to pick out yarn. I cast on for the bag as soon as I got home. I threw caution to the wind and didn't swatch either. I know, I'm a bad knitter, but I figured it's a bag, it doesn't have to conform to a special size. And it worked out fine in the end! With the holiday weekend and festivities, I wasn't sure I'd have a lot of time for knitting, so I was quite surprised to find myself finished with the bulk of the knitting Christmas night.

Pattern - Casual Bag, from the book, 'knit' by Janine Flew
Yarn - Noro Silk Garden color #247

I still have to get a button and knit some I-cord for the closure. And, while I don't think I'm going to line the bag, I do plan to line the strap. The pattern suggested ribbon for the strap lining, so I'll have to pick some up. I loved watching the colors change as I knit with this yarn. I love the yellow stripe that's on the front of the bag (this color only appeared in one of the 3 balls that I purchased).

I have now gone back to knitting socks and in fact, finished another pair last night (details in a future post). I still have one more pair on the needles and hope to finish them before the new year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Pair and a Half

This weekend I completed another pair...

Pattern - my usual top down with Eye of Partridge heel flap and kitchenered toes
Yarn - Yarntini sport weight, colorway = Luxury
Needles & Gauge - Size 2 DPNs, 7 st/in

and a half.

OnLine Winter color #887, 6-ply

Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Little Yarn P*rn

I have a little bit of yarn p*rn to share.

First up, Lavender Sheep sock yarn. Colorway is Mountain Sunset.

Next up, Cinnamon Stitches Giddy Feet sock yarn. Colorway is Amaretto Cheesecake.

I am still patiently waiting for my Ms. Violet's Pink Ribbon from Lisa Souza. I already joined the knit along and plan to cast on as soon as it arrives.

Friday, December 08, 2006

What's on My Needles?

I currently have 2 sock projects on the needles. The first is Yarntini sport weight yarn that I purchased from Pure Knits. This color is called Luxury.

And the second is OnLine Winter color #887, 6-ply. I purchased this yarn on vacation this summer at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Both socks are being worked top down in stockinette. The Yarntini yarn is buttery soft and has been great to work with. The OnLine yarn is not very soft. I'm guessing hoping it will be like most other not so soft yarns and soften up with washing. I've also had a little trouble with this yarn splitting. I have another ball of OnLine 4-ply in my stash, but I'm thinking I probably won't buy any more of this yarn.

And speaking of buying yarn....
I broke my yarn fast this week. I was reading blogs Tuesday morning and Lavender Sheep said something about a shop update. So, I clicked on over and couldn't resist the Mountain Sunset colorway. After a few seconds of careful deliberation, it hopped into my cart and off to the checkout I went.

Then, yesterday, Lisa Souza announced a new colorway to help Miss Violet (of the dynamic duo Lime & Violet) with her impending medical costs. Being a fan of both, I had to have a skein of this. I ordered a skein of the sport weight variety, because I'm enjoying how quick the sport weight yarns knit up (which equals more socks, faster).

I doubt I'll have a completed pair of socks to share after this weekend, since I am still on sock #1 for both of my current projects. So, stay tuned for yarn p*rn when my new purchases arrive.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Opal Acapulco

Fresh off the needles...

Pattern - my usual top down with Eye of Partridge heel flap and kitchenered toes, Stitch pattern is Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn - Opal Acapulco color #1304
Needles & Gauge - Size 1 DPNs, 9 st/in