Monday, August 28, 2006

What a Difference a Day Makes

My son's socks are done. I finished the second sock last night. I did run out of yarn just before I started the toe. Fortunately, the other ball of yarn I had, also had the same royal blue, so they look like a pair. The Royal Blue at the toe of the second sock is out of sequence with the other colors, but I think they turned out fine.

Today was the first day of school for the kids. I always stay home to see the kids off on the first day, so I had a little bit of extra time this morning. I started swatching my green Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn for my Mystery socks. I really hope this yarn will give me an appropriate gauge for them. I didn't get very far on my gauge swatch this morning, but I'll be working on that some more this evening.

Last night, I pulled out the swift and ball winder and wound up one hank of the green and my Black Bunny Fibers, Pink Lemonade. I'll be using the Pink Lemonade for socks as part of the Hop Along.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sock Progress & A New Afghan

Thanks to Amy, Sherrie, and Shelley for the birthday wishes!!

My first Can't Elope sock has taken shape. The gusset decreasing is done, so just a foot and toe to go (well, and the second sock, of course).

My son's first sock is done. The second one is started. I've got the heel turned, but I haven't picked up any gusset stitches yet. I'm not feeling confident that I will have enough yarn to complete the second sock. I have another ball of this type of yarn (it's in a different but similar color) so I think it will be okay. I was going for fraternal socks anyway.

I also got started on the second baby afghan I was asked to make. I've only made a few of the 63 squares I'm going to need.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday! Look what I got!

4 skeins of Socks That Rock (Medium weight)

The colors from left to right are: Seal Rock, Watermelon Tourmaline, Saratoga, Scottish Highlands.

Sock updates coming soon....

Friday, August 18, 2006

Time for An Update

The baby afghan is done.

I started 2 pair of socks last weekend. I'm making steady progress.

Socks for my 8-year-old. This is a 6-ply sock yarn (Fortissima Socka color #3002). I was originally going to use a different yarn, but when he told me he only wanted ankle socks, I decided that there was too much of the other yarn for ankle socks.

And socks for me. I'm using Lisa Souza Sock! yarn for the first time. I'm loving it. The yarn is very soft. And I really like how the color changing is random. I've always used sock yarn with definite striping patterns, so this is a change for me.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Socks Complete!

This weekend I finished up 2 pair of socks.

First up, the socks for my youngest son. He loves them!

These were made top down on size 2 DPNs (8 stitches per inch) on 52 stitches. I used a K2P2 ribbing, plain stockinette for the leg and foot, and Eye of Partidge for the heel flap. The yarn is Regia Jacquard #5173.

I also finished my Trekking XXL #135 socks. These took me a while, partly because of the pattern and partly because I had other projects to work on at the same time.

The stitch pattern is Melanie's Twist Stitch.

Like all my socks, these were done top down with an Eye of Partridge Heel Flap and kitchenered toes.

I've already cast on more socks. A pair for my 8-year-old son (he wants anklets) and another pair for me.

And here's a picture of my 9-month-old Pug, Pearl. She normally doesn't like to get her picture taken but she was interested in my socks tonght, so I was able to get a pic of her.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I Must Be Crazy!

This morning I signed up for Sock Wars.

I'm not a fast knitter so I will probably get killed off pretty quickly. And since I only know how to make socks one way (cuff to toe with a heel flap) I was a little worried about the pattern that will be provided. But after some research (reading comments and checking out the Sock Wars Forum) I was able to find out that the pattern can be customized and made toe up or top down, so I figured what the heck! At least, it will be fun, right?

Once the battle begins, I will have to devote all of my free time to this. I've got a few weeks at least to finish up some of my current projects. I'm on the home stretch on my two current sock projects. And if all goes according to plan, I will have finished sock pictures to share this weekend!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sock Plans and an Update

I had planned to post this on Friday evening, but never got around to taking pictures. Then on Saturday, we took the kids to Hersheypark, so there was no time for blogging then. We had a great time!

Sunday was spent catching up on laundry and other housework type things. When I did have time to sit down for me, I didn't want to spend it on the computer, so I spent that time working on my various projects.

Now for the update!

I'm making progress on my Trekking #135 socks. I'm done the heel and the gusset is almost done (just a few more rounds to go).

I've also made some progress on my youngest son's socks (Regia Jacquard #5173). Sock number 2 is growing rapidly.

And I've got all 5 strips done for the baby afghan I'm crocheting.

I'm hoping that all 3 of these projects can be wrapped up by the end of this coming weekend.

And for the planning!

I've got my next 3 pair of socks already planned.

First will be socks for my 8-year-old son. This is Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard color #20.

And more socks for me. Lisa Souza Sock!, Can't Elope colorway. All wound up and waiting.

I'll also be starting my Mystery Sock KAL socks soon, too.

I just need to do some swatching before I start on any of these.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mystery Sock KAL

I signed up for the Mystery Sock KAL yesterday. It doesn't start for another week or so, but I've already got a pattern picked out. It's called Leaves of Grass. The pattern is for anklets. I probably will make the leg longer for a more traditional sock, though. I wear cotton anklets with my sneakers, but I prefer my warm wool socks to be longer. I just need to decide which yarn to use. My original thought was to use something in fall colors, but my sock yarn stash is lacking in that department. I do have 2 different green yarns that would work.

Austermann Step

Spirit Trail Fiberworks (which I picked up at the MD Sheep & Wool Festival in May)

I think I'm going to let my gauge decide on this one. But if it's a tie, I'm going with the Spirit Trail.