Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby Afghan

For years, I crocheted like a fiend. After I learned to knit socks, I barely touched my crochet hook. Well, the hook is back for a little while because a girl at work asked me to make two baby afghans for her, and well, I like to crochet them. One for a boy and the other in a neutral colorway. She asked me to make the "boy" one first. It worked up much faster than I expected and it's all done now. I used my usual stand-by for baby afghans...Bernat Softee, but I was less than thrilled with the yarn this time. Maybe because it was one of the "Marl" colors. The yarn was undertwisted in several places and a single strand was broken in others. So, despite the fact that I should have only had a few ends to weave in, I had lots.

Light Blue Baby Afghan

The neutral afghan is up next. I have a white yarn (Bernat Softee again) with tiny specs of baby colors picked out for it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fabrics and Such

100 yoyos

The above yo-yo's are all for a swap I joined. There's 100 of them in this picture. I actually made a few extras to keep for myself. They were a lot of fun to make. I've already signed up for another swap, this time using Halloween fabrics or colors. Here are some of the circles ready to be stitched up.

Halloween circles

Spiralling Socks - Finished

They are done.

Spiralling Socks
Pattern: Spiralling Socks from the Sockamania Club Knit Along
Yarn: Fly Supersport, Ruby Redmond colorway
Needles/Gauge: Size 2 DPNs, approx 7 st/inch

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Spinning, Not So Much

There hasn't been much spinning lately because I've been working on too many other things. But I'm sure spinning will resume in the near future. At least, it needs too. Roving has started taking over in my room (and I just bought 2 more rovings tonight).

New roving acquisitions are mostly related to the two fiber clubs I'm in.

First to arrive, was from Funky Carolina. This is Fallen and the fiber is Corriedale.


The Hello Yarn fiber this month is Wensleydale, which I've not tried yet. It is silky soft and has a very long staple length. Colorway is Mullusc.


5 + 5 = 10

I recently placed and received a large order of Socks That Rock, all mediumweight. Part of this order was my birthday present.

My order was shipped in one box, with 5 skeins each in 2 bags (hence the title of this post).

And without further ado....the pics.

Socks That Rock
Pebble Beach, Jade, Blue Moonstoe, Crazy Lace Agate, Calico

Socks That Rock
Space Dust, Mesa, Titania, Philosopher's Stone, Jailhouse Rock

My Rockin' Sock Club package arrived this week, but I won't post any pics yet. The yarn color is awesome, as always!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bad Blogger and Sock Progress

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. It's been more than two weeks since my last post. I wrote a great big catch-up post on Monday, but never got around to posting it and now it seems out dated. So rather than do a big post, I will do a bunch of little posts over the weekend to catch up.

First up...socks.

This picture is from a little over a week ago.
Mismatched Pair

The purple one on the right is the first Hedera sock. I am using Socks That Rock lightweight in the Tanzanite colorway.

The pink/burgundy one on the left is also a first sock. It is the Spiralling Sock pattern from the Sockamania Club Knit Along. I am using Fly Supersport in the Ruby Redmond colorway for this one. Since this yarn works up quick, I'm concentrating all of my knitting efforts on this pair. I need to get a pair done before the end of the month for the Sock A Month KAL 4. The second Spiralling sock is now past the halfway point, but I'm starting to get concerned about having enough yarn. I weighed the first sock and the remaining yarn before starting the second sock and weight wise everything looked good. But that remaining ball of yarn is looking very small to me. If the yarn holds out, I hope to have this pair finished before the weekend is over.

Monday, August 06, 2007


I had a bit of startitis last week. I started two new pair of socks in the same day. Here are the new ones.

2 socks

On the left: My own handspun from Hello Yarn superwash merino roving. Color is Blue Raspberry. Pattern is just my generic sock pattern.
On the right: Fly Designs Monarch Supersport in Ruby Redmond. The pattern is called Spiralling Socks and it is from the Sockamania Club Knit Along.

The other sock in progress is Hedera in Socks That Rock lightweight. Color is Tanzanite. I've got the first sock just about completed.

Hedera progress