Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sock Progress & A New Afghan

Thanks to Amy, Sherrie, and Shelley for the birthday wishes!!

My first Can't Elope sock has taken shape. The gusset decreasing is done, so just a foot and toe to go (well, and the second sock, of course).

My son's first sock is done. The second one is started. I've got the heel turned, but I haven't picked up any gusset stitches yet. I'm not feeling confident that I will have enough yarn to complete the second sock. I have another ball of this type of yarn (it's in a different but similar color) so I think it will be okay. I was going for fraternal socks anyway.

I also got started on the second baby afghan I was asked to make. I've only made a few of the 63 squares I'm going to need.


Unknown said...

I think the baby afghan will be beautiful when it is completed. I still working hard on the summer beach shawl that I started in July. My goal is to finish it this week but I have squares to crochet and a dishcloth to do, too. Blogging time might have to be limited this next week.

Lisa said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your socks! Aren't socks just the greatest knitting project ever? They are by far my favorite thing to knit. You have inspired me to start that afghan I have been putting off. I think I might try one from the Mason Dixon book.