Friday, October 06, 2006

What's Next??

My next few projects will be socks, of course. Since I joined the Lime & Violet KAL I will be knitting a pair of socks with my Lime & Violet yarn. I haven't decided if I will use a stitch pattern for these or if I will do my usual stockinette socks. I'm leaning towards using a pattern, since I had lots of extra yarn from my recently finished Can't Elope socks.

I will also finally be casting on my first pair of Socks That Rock yarn. This is Scottish Highlands in Medium weight. These I'm going to do in my usual stockinette sock pattern. I want to get a feel for how far the yarn will go.

And last but not least, Opal Acapulco color #1304. For these, I'm definitely going to pick out a stitch pattern (maybe something from Sensational Knitted socks).

And I didn't even realize until I took all three of these yarns out to take pictures that they all have purple in them.