Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's a Sickness!

It all started innocently enough. A few months ago, I decided to make a Ballband Dishcloth for blogless Mary for a monthly Dishcloth Exchange that I participate in.
Ballband Dishcloth
Yarn used: Sugar & Cream in Over the Rainbow and Hot Orange
After finishing it, taking a picture, and sending it on its way, I didn't give it or the pattern another thought.

Then for the May exchange, I decided I'd make another one for blogless Marilyn.
Ballband Dishcloth
Yarn used: Lion Brand Cotton in Mixed Berry and Sugar & Cream in Hot Green
Things were a little different this time.

Before I even finished the second Ballband Dishcloth, I visited the Elmore Pisgah site and decided to make a purchase.
Peaches & Cream Yarn
This picture only shows a portion of my order (the 6 big balls of white cotton that I ordered (they were on special, I couldn't resist) are not pictured).

After finishing the second dishcloth, I immediately cast on for another. And when that one was done, cast on again for another. You get the idea. I even went out and bought another set of size 7 needles so I could have more than 1 going at a time.
Ballband Dishcloths
Yarn used: (from left to right) Peaches & Cream Fiesta Ombre and Peacock; Teal Ombre and Sunburst; Gumdrop and Sunburst; Sour Green Apple and White; Pink Lemonade and Apple Green

With all the yarn I bought and all the yarn I already had, I've got lots of possibilities for more of these. And for now, there's no sign that I will be slowing down.
Ballband Dishcloths in progress


Abigail said...

Yes, I truly understand. So addictive and satisfying. It even cause me to design a few of my own.

I blame the whole addiction on my good pal Dave. His pattern started the craze. Her's the link for another fabby dishcloth:

Happy Knitting:D

Anonymous said...

Cool dishcloths - I love all these happy and cheerful colors!

bobbi said...

I've been wanting to knit these dishcloths ever since I got the "Mason Dixon Knitting" book.
I went to the Elmore-pisgah and oh my! so many colors.
Do you like there yarn better than the sugar and cream? I'm hoping so.
keep knitting them, they are so cute. I'll be joining you very soon.

bobbi said...

P. S. It's not a sickness; It's normal in the knitting world.

Anonymous said...

Not to feed the addiction, but I was recently surprised to discover Elmore-pisgah Peaches & Creme yarn at Walmart! Great looking dishcloths!

Anonymous said...

ha! i finished my first ballband dishrag last night with some sugar & cream i already had and loved it! so easy and ADORABLE! i found your "warshrags" this morning as i was looking for locations for peaches & creme. too funny!

aren't the little suckers addictive?

love your colorways! great job!!