Sunday, December 31, 2006

Socks...the Year in Review

2006 was my first full year of sock knitting. I can easily say I am addicted to knitting socks. I completed 20 pair of socks this year. 17 of those were adult size for me, 2 pair were for my youngest 2 boys and 1 pair was an infant size. The majority of these socks were knit in stockinette, but a few were knit using stitch patterns. Some of the patterns I used this past year were, 2x2 rib, 3x1 rib, Melanie's Twist Stitch, Leaves of Grass, Waffle Rib and Garter Rib (both from Sensational Knitted Socks).

I only have one pair of socks on the needles going into the new year and I just started it today.

Lisa Souza, Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon colorway

I have lots of socks planned for 2007. I plan to start the new year off by making more socks for my kids. I also plan to use more stitch patterns this year. And I will definitely be making Monkey early in the year.


Anonymous said...

20 pairs, this is absolutely amazing! Happy sock knitting in 2007!