Friday, December 08, 2006

What's on My Needles?

I currently have 2 sock projects on the needles. The first is Yarntini sport weight yarn that I purchased from Pure Knits. This color is called Luxury.

And the second is OnLine Winter color #887, 6-ply. I purchased this yarn on vacation this summer at Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Both socks are being worked top down in stockinette. The Yarntini yarn is buttery soft and has been great to work with. The OnLine yarn is not very soft. I'm guessing hoping it will be like most other not so soft yarns and soften up with washing. I've also had a little trouble with this yarn splitting. I have another ball of OnLine 4-ply in my stash, but I'm thinking I probably won't buy any more of this yarn.

And speaking of buying yarn....
I broke my yarn fast this week. I was reading blogs Tuesday morning and Lavender Sheep said something about a shop update. So, I clicked on over and couldn't resist the Mountain Sunset colorway. After a few seconds of careful deliberation, it hopped into my cart and off to the checkout I went.

Then, yesterday, Lisa Souza announced a new colorway to help Miss Violet (of the dynamic duo Lime & Violet) with her impending medical costs. Being a fan of both, I had to have a skein of this. I ordered a skein of the sport weight variety, because I'm enjoying how quick the sport weight yarns knit up (which equals more socks, faster).

I doubt I'll have a completed pair of socks to share after this weekend, since I am still on sock #1 for both of my current projects. So, stay tuned for yarn p*rn when my new purchases arrive.