Friday, March 23, 2007

A Quick Post

I finished my first Emerald City sock on Wednesday. I immediately cast on for the second sock and worked on the cuff. But then I noticed that one of the sides was longer than the others (I use 4 DPNs and a 5th to knit) and there was a little hole. At first I thought maybe I'd thrown in a yarn over between needle joins but realized that couldn't be right because I had the right number of stitches. So, since I was only a few rows in, I decided to rip it out and start over. As I was ripping, I noticed that at one point, the ripping was going in the opposite direction. I guess when I put my sock down and picked it back up, I knit in the wrong direction. Good thing I decided to rip it all out, I never would have figured that out if I would have just tried to ladder down and fix the hole.

I had planned to cast on again last night, but life had other plans. About 2ish in the afternoon, I started feeling sick to my stomach. Yep, I got the stomach bug that the kids had earlier in the week. Fortunately, it was a fast moving bug and by 10ish that night, I was keeping liquids down, but it really screwed up my plans for the night. So, tonight I will be casting on Emerald City sock #2. And tomorrow is still going to be the day to start my STR Club yarn for February!