Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sock Plans

Since finishing my Opal socks, I only have one pair of socks on the needles. I am currently working on Monkey socks with Austermann Step in color #01. I like the pattern, but I'm not convinced that this is the right yarn for it. The yarn is very soft (which is really nice), but I've had trouble with it being a little splitty. I'm planning to keep going with it, though.

I've decided to go with the "It ain't easy bein' green" theme for Socktopia this month. I will be using some Lisa Souza Sock! in her Emerald City colorway for it. I'm feeling lazy now, since my last couple pair were done with stitch patterns, so these are going to be done in plain stockinette. I cast on last night but I only have a few rounds of ribbing so far.

My Rockin' Sock Club package arrived earlier in the week. I love the color! It's probably not something I would have picked on my own, and it's different from anything I've used so far or that I have in my stash. I won't be using this month's pattern. It's toe-up and I'm definitely a top-down girl when it comes to socks. I picked up a pattern (Central Air) from last year's club at Stitches East in November, so I'm planning to use that.

Now that daylight savings time is upon us, I hope to be more regular with my blog posts. I can't get good pictures without real daylight so I usually save my posts for the weekends. And since weekends tend to be full of running errands and chores, the free time I do get, I like to spend knitting.