Monday, August 06, 2007


I had a bit of startitis last week. I started two new pair of socks in the same day. Here are the new ones.

2 socks

On the left: My own handspun from Hello Yarn superwash merino roving. Color is Blue Raspberry. Pattern is just my generic sock pattern.
On the right: Fly Designs Monarch Supersport in Ruby Redmond. The pattern is called Spiralling Socks and it is from the Sockamania Club Knit Along.

The other sock in progress is Hedera in Socks That Rock lightweight. Color is Tanzanite. I've got the first sock just about completed.

Hedera progress


Day4plus said...

Nice blog----nice socks----great colors on all the yarns. MB

Sockergirl said...

I feel like catching a little startaritis this week too. Like the Hederas. :)

Brightmeadowfarms said...

Very nice socks. You are inspiring me to knit again.

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