Monday, August 27, 2007

Baby Afghan

For years, I crocheted like a fiend. After I learned to knit socks, I barely touched my crochet hook. Well, the hook is back for a little while because a girl at work asked me to make two baby afghans for her, and well, I like to crochet them. One for a boy and the other in a neutral colorway. She asked me to make the "boy" one first. It worked up much faster than I expected and it's all done now. I used my usual stand-by for baby afghans...Bernat Softee, but I was less than thrilled with the yarn this time. Maybe because it was one of the "Marl" colors. The yarn was undertwisted in several places and a single strand was broken in others. So, despite the fact that I should have only had a few ends to weave in, I had lots.

Light Blue Baby Afghan

The neutral afghan is up next. I have a white yarn (Bernat Softee again) with tiny specs of baby colors picked out for it.