Saturday, July 05, 2008

What's on my needles? Part 1 of 3

NOTE: This originally started out as 1 post, but it started getting too long, so I broke it up into 3 posts.

I feel like I haven't been knitting much lately. We had a couple of weekend day trips last month, as well as our vacation. But, I must be knitting sometime, because projects keep showing up on my needles.

Dishcloths. I'll admit it. I'm a Ballband junky. I've knit so many of these now, that I have the pattern memorized. I love having at least one of these on the needles at all times. It's the perfect project to pick up when I've got just a minute or two to knit (i.e., waiting for something or someone). It's also great when I feel like knitting but don't feel like thinking too much. The pic below shows 2 that are in progress. The yellow one was in progress before I left for vacation, but it didn't get to come along with us and the pink one was started while on vacation.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of What's on my needles? ~~ Socks